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June Program Details & Pictures

August Program Details & Pictures


Last updated Monday, April 19, 2004

2004 BRIGHT Summer Program

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a deposit? How much is it and when is it due?
A: The deposit is $250 and is due May 1 for the June session, and the week after the June session for the August session. You can send your deposit by check to BRIGHT, 870 Larkspur Dr., Brookfield, WI 53045. Or you can use the on-line donation feature to the left.

Q: When does the therapy start?
A: The therapy will start with an evaluation on Monday.

Q: Do I need to send information in advance?
A: The more information we can get in advance, the less time the evaluation will take. Summaries from current doctors/therapists, video tape and a baseline GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure) would all be helpful information.

Q: What is an appropriate age for the therapy?
A: Any age would be appropriate. Under one year is a little tougher for movement based therapy, but our Scientific Advisors feel that this age is critical for therapy. So, no real lower limit. As for an upper limit, again no real limit as long as the caretakers could assist the therapists with any physical challenges of an older larger person.

Q: What arrangements will there be for siblings?
A: We have some budget for aides who could assist with the siblings. If there is enough demand for it, we can look into a daycare arrangement as well. We are counting on getting several volunteers from the local universities to help with the project and this is the kind of thing that would be perfect for them to help with. In the June event, the grounds have lots of activities for kids. There is a pool (although we would be limited to a two hour period where we have the pool) and nature trails. Also, they have a game room with pool tables, ping pong tables, etc. In August, the hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool with water slides, game room, etc. Also the area has tons of activities for the kids.

Q: What is Feldenkrais?
A: Feldenkrais is a therapy that focuses on allowing the child to learn high quality movement patterns. It is very gentle and does not believe in pushing the child to do something that they are not ready for. You can read more here: http://www.brightonline.org/id4_1.html.

Q: What is Euro Team style therapy?
A: Euro Team style therapy is therapy that is like the therapy you may receive at Euromed in Poland or other such locations. The key about these programs is the intensity. The Euro Team style therapy has therapists working with your child intensively for a period of time. During that period the goal is to achieve real improvement. i.e. taking first steps, walking independently, etc. So, our goal is to provide that intense hands-on therapy as well as use some of the tools such as e-stim, treadmill, TheraTog suit, etc. Finally, we will also use aqua therapy (water) as well as hippotherapy (horseback riding).

Q: How will the days be structured?
A: If your child is going to receive four hours of therapy a day, there will be a two hour session in the AM and a two hour session in the PM, with outings for families in the afternoons.

Q: Are the outings handicapped-accessible?
A: Yes.

Q: Can single adults with CP share a room with another family?
A: Yes.

Q: Are any of the therapies going to be on Saturday?
A: No, check-out is on Saturday; therapies will be Monday-Friday.

Q: Will I need my own transportation during the program?
A: No, many of the activities will be held on the grounds and for others, transportation will be provided. We would like to try to make some arrangements for group transportation from the major airports. As people begin to book their plane tickets we can work together to see if we can rent a van to drive several families and keep cost low. This cost is not included in the package price.

Q: What are the nearest airports?
A: See the table below:

  Distance from Session 1 Distance from Session 2
Midway Airport (Chicago) 89 m/1 hr. 45 min 204 m/3hrs. 14 min
O'Hare Airport (Chicago) 67 m/1 hr. 27 min 181 m/2hrs
Milwaukee Airport 60 m/1hr 129 m/2hrs
Madison, WI Airport 76 m/1hr. 18min 52 m/53 min
Rockford, IL Airport 53 m/58 min 130 m/2 hrs

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